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Space Whale

Techni Nebula

Techni Nebula



I’ve always loved colour.. and things that are slightly fantastical. But I haven’t really had an objective until now. At the first AITP(22) I was nervous as heck, I knew I liked my work but didn’t really know what it was and if people would get it. I made £600 in the first two hours and went up from there. After a while I just started asking people ‘what brought you over?’ Everyone:’The colours’ I then asked ‘And how does it make you feel?’ The most response was ‘Happy’. Before the event I liked my art, now I love it and if it can help bring some happiness to people, then that is now my mission


My inspiration comes from various sources, I love colour, animals, superheroes, positivity and I love hope. That there can be light in the dark. This path has literally led me from painting in the light to painting but creating light from it. I didn’t know how to show this before so I came up with the ‘Mystery Tent’ which turned out to be a massive success for you and old. Hearing their ‘Wow!’ reactions has inspired me to give them more!


My main medium is very bright acrylic colours on canvas with gloss varnish to make the colours really pop. Added to this recently is the use of neon paints and Blacklighting, which has brought a huge new dynamic to my art. I’ve also started to add various iridescent and phosphorescent powders and the varnish stage creating a fantastic glow to the paintings after they’ve been lit up! Literally three pieces in one. To balance things I also do watercolour animals often with India ink for highlights.

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