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Art By Dizz - Donna Murphy





Memories To Live For

Memories To Live For

With A Twist

With A Twist

Higher Self

Higher Self


It’s my mission to create work that stops people in their tracks and sees them stepping in for a closer look. Observing each stroke, line and smudge that lives upon the surface. To have the audience moved by not only the work itself but intrigued by the journey of how it was created also. There is something so fascinating and rewarding about this part of the experience. This moment often leads to new conversation, great questions and a good story to be told, even beyond a sale.

It's important for me to stay true to my love of anatomy studies and combine it with my passion of storytelling through movement. I vision that my creations will capture just this, plus all our complex emotions, memories, desires and relationships. I hope that my work continues to connect to people and has a great impact somewhere in the world.


There’s nothing that inspires me quite like people. Our vessels, yes. Our aesthetics absolutely! Furthermore, how only a single look can provoke a feeling, how a pose can tell a story and how a series of movements can speak to us on a whole new level. There’s something in me that feels alive when I see a dancer move, a life model pose or even the rested hand of someone nearby.

I’m forever fascinated by the human body and am constantly observing every curve, line, behaviour, imperfection and posture.

It may be evident when looking at my work that I have been heavily influenced by years of bodybuilding. Prior to creating my work on paper, I was sculpting my body with exercise and helping others do the same. This continues to influence my work, somewhat unconsciously.


I dive into a box of graphite pencils, Panpastel and charcoal sticks daily - often emerging from the studio generously dusted in black ashes. I love to create daily and know that somewhere in the process, a work of art has come to life.

Graphite and charcoal are my first loves. I commit to daily sketching exercises - timed life drawing poses, speed sketches, line work and have even completed large high-realism works over the years. I push boundaries with mediums, creating my own powders, dry painting with them, adding water and sometimes acetone.

Panpastel though, is my obsession. I use a make-up sponge or soft tip spatula to apply this medium, moving it around the surface and building values with quick sharp strokes. This technique is super important to the overall look of the work. Panpastel isn’t as forgiving as charcoal or graphite, but it adds to the challenge.

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