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Collection of work

Example of work at an event

Example of work at an event

Hand-painted mugs


I aim to deliver beautifully hand-crafted ceramic homeware products. All of my work is functional, I enjoy making things that become ritualistic, a part of people’s everyday routine…their favourite mug for their morning coffee - there’s nothing better than hearing that!

I focus on being good at my craft, ensuring that each item lives to show the importance of makers in the 21st century, creating things that people enjoy buying, gifting and most importantly using.


The majority of my work is influenced by user experience, trying to create items that people cherish but also use.

More recently walks along coastal paths, rocky cliff-faces and stones beaches have started to inspire the work of 2024.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the influence of potters around me, those with experience of 50+ years; how they fire, form and create their pottery has hugely impacted the way I design and make.


I throw all of my work in stoneware clay, after years of experimenting I have found 3 clay bodies that compliment the glazes. The glazes have all been developed and mixed by myself, this is an important part of the process as I can achieve the tones and finishes that fit the aesthetic of my brand by adding, reducing or changing the colourants.

I want each item I design and make to pass through my hands at every stage of the process; from throwing to trimming, carving and glazing and everything in between. This way I can be sure that my work perfectly reflects my brand.

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