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Astra and Sol











I really enjoy making earrings that people love and can wear all year round. Clay jewellery is becoming more prevalent, and I strive to create wearable art that people can feel comfortable in; that get them into the world of polymer clay jewellery. I like to keep muted tones and enjoy the natural look. I try to keep as low waste as possible and even collect the offcuts of clay to create a speckled design. I created clip-on designs and offer sterling silver findings on custom orders to maximise the accessibility of my polymer clay jewellery. I love selling in the Warwickshire area and meeting people local to myself especially when I have seen them at another market, and they are wearing my earrings!


The inspiration for my work is making clay jewellery accessible. I love the standout designs of some clay makers however never felt comfortable enough to wear stand-out earrings. I started making my jewellery as an entryway into this jewellery style, which was more muted. I used to struggle with large jewellery due to the weight especially earrings, I would put a pair in, and they would feel heavy within a couple of hours, the benefits of polymer clay earrings are that they are very lightweight, and you can wear them all day. My mum doesn’t have her ears pierced and really wanted to wear my work, I sourced a clip-on extension so that anyone would be able to wear them, and these also do not pull on ears due to the lightweight nature of polymer clay.


I use polymer clay and sterling steel in my jewellery. I love working with polymer clay as it creates some lightweight fashionable earrings, that have a lovely mate finish and focus on more muted colours. I create styles that are shiny with a gloss finish using resin, I also use resin to secure any brass inlays. I use sterling steel findings in order to keep costs down, this allows more people to own my jewellery. I also offer sterling silver and filled gold for custom orders, mainly for weddings but am able to source this for any custom designs if requested.

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