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Danielle Flowers Woodturner






Spalted Beech Moon Vessel

Spalted Beech Moon Vessel

Minimalist Bud Vase Collection

Minimalist Bud Vase Collection

Elemental Silver Wooden Necklaces

Elemental Silver Wooden Necklaces


Sustainability, Materiality and Craftsmanship.
Crafting affordable collections of minimal jewellery, home décor and timeless statement pieces, that
capture the essence of British woodlands. Souring sustainably felled native hardwoods directly from local
managed woodlands, milling, processing, and forming the timber in house. Educating viewers of the
direct relationship between British timber and contemporary craftsmanship. Previously supplying the
National Trust, Artisan range with individually turned trinket bowls using spalted beech sustainably felled
from Wenlock Edge, Shropshire.


Sustainability is at the heart of all Danielle’s designs, inspired by mid-century modern design, clean lines
and geometric forms, with the aim of showcasing raw materials through the traditional craft process of
woodturning. Her keen love for woodland walks, has greatly inspired her connection with the natural
elements. Inspired by the primitive connections and relationship of material and process, striving to
create balance and harmony between material qualities and their aesthetic values.


Each handcrafted wooden element juxtaposes the unique grains of British hardwoods with the refined
forms of 925 sterling silver, leather and brass, to create a harmonious balance between material qualities
and their aesthetic values. The collection ‘synergy’ focuses on utilizing waste produce as by-products,
table lamp, to bowl, to necklace, to stud. Packaged into recycled or recyclable boxes, bags and
marketing material.

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