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Cotswold Craftsmen Guild





Cotswold Craftsmen

Garden standing mosaics by Yvette Green

Modernist clock by Sally Brooks

Modernist clock by Sally Brooks

Fish pendant with turquoise by Hazel Morris


We are a group of designer makers, working with raw materials, to create unique and high quality pieces.


The four members who are applying from the Guild include
Yvette Green - a mosaic artist, working primarily with stained glass inclusions inspired by intense colours of nature
Yvonne Halton - a ceramicist making thrown and slabbed pots inspired by colour and illustrations of life.
Hazel Morris - a mixed metal jeweller making items, inspired by Anglo Saxon designs
Sally Brooks - a ceramicist making clocks and slabbed forms, inspired by the magical beauty of trees and woods


Yvette works primarily with stained glass and glass inclusions turning natural forms into mosaics.
Yvonne works with thrown and slabbed clay, altering them and making pots with underglazes and a clear glaze.
Hazel makes individually designed and hand crafted silver, gold and mixed metal jewellery
Sally uses raku firing technique with contrasting matt and lustrous iridescent glazes.

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