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Clare Wainwright Stained Glass Art





Stained Glass Quilt Panel

Stained Glass Screen Printed Sea Panel

Stained Glass Screen Printed Sea Panel

Glass Snowdrops


I have been a stained glass artist for over 20 years , selling for around 15 years and teaching for the past 10 years . In this time I feel I have given people pleasure and joy when they have bought a piece of my work to display in their house. Glass is a beautiful medium to work in and seeing sunlight stream though coloured glass is absolutely beautiful. Teaching people gives them a real sense of accomplishment and I love to help people achieve their goals and help maintain good mental health. My vision is also to inspire people to produce work with a more contemporary feel and understand the versatility of glasswork .


I take inspiration for my work from nature and my surroundings. Holidays in Cornwall inspire my many sea themed pieces by incorporating shells and driftwood into pieces. I am also inspired by learning new techniques to give my work a contemporary feel. This includes fusing images onto glass , screen printing and acid etching.


My medium is glass and I make stained glass items using the Tiffany ( copper foiled ) method. This is a four step process which involves cutting, grinding, taping and soldering the glass pieces together.
This method can be used to make small suncatchers, candle holders , mirrors , 3D structures or large panels.
I also like to add additional features such as screen printing on the glass , adding images and acid etching .

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