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Claire Seneviratne






Blue smoke-fired pot

Blue smoke-fired pot

Red smoke-fired pot

Red smoke-fired pot

Natural smoke-fired pot

Natural smoke-fired pot


My mission is to continue my reputation as a smoke-fired ceramic artist and to create bigger pieces to attract a high end market. I shall exhibit more in the ‘Craft Potters gallery’ of which I am a member in London. Also I would like to get more involved in writing articles and publishing a historical book on specialised ceramics with the intention of raising awareness to a larger audience.


My inspiration has always come from the beautiful environment around me
Including shorelines, landscapes and skies and also the bigger picture of the awe-inspiring mysteries of the universe.


I throw my pots on a wheel and use low fire porcelain.
My work is then burnished, partially glazed, then smoke-fired in sawdust.

Smoke- firing is an ancient technique which I mix with a modern contemporary vibe.

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