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Chris The Smith






Spiralis Candle Holder

Dragon Companion Set (Commission piece)

Dragon Companion Set (Commission piece)

'Dragon Bell' Kinetic Sculpture


I've always aimed to make hand forged ironwork suitable and desirable for the average home. I create pieces as traditionally as possible using designs which will suit the modern home. I want my work to not just be seen but used on a daily basis so I make it robust whilst not loosing any elegance of the design.


I'm mainly inspired by the production method. The art of blacksmithing still fascinates me, even after 15 years of practice I still love moving hot steel by hand.
I'd like to think that my enthusiasm shows through my work through the variety of shapes I use to create my work.


I work on a traditional solid fuel forge to heat steel bar to around 800 - 1000c, I then begin to work the bar over my 120 year old anvil with a variety of different hammers and tongs.
I make my own formers and jigs to form the hot steel into shape so I can create the same forms again and again, this allows me to create sets of items which are all fairly similar but still retain their handmade aesthetics.
The tools and techniques I use are mostly unchanged since the start of the iron age so hand forging is like a step back in time!

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