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Mauritian Lotus Pond



Mysore Palace


My vision for this season is to showcase a rich heritage along with conscious use of symbolic reference of places visited in my childhood.

Over the years I have painted Landscape, Architectural, Figurative and Still life. However, my paintings of Shiva and Celestial Garden; have been an uplifting experience. It has always been my desire to further explore this genre of Mythological Gods Goddess and abstract Symbolism.

After having lived in Leamington for 25 years; I am naturally integrate the British along with Asian influences. I like to encompass a certain amount of structure along with the vibrancy. Therefore my work inspires me to create “fusion” pieces that reflects the best of both worlds.

Painting for me has been a mindful therapy. My mission is to provoke the individual to care about our beautiful Mother Earth and focus on sustainability.


2024 - a new year and You

I find my creative mind racing faster than the rest of me. This year my paintings are abstract in nature. The ideas have stories that I am best able to express by colour and stokes of my brush. And often, a lot is left unsaid and open to interpretation.

The very first piece of 2024 is an abstract “12 Months” of the year. This piece is currently exhibited at the LSA Art Room. In the month of January we have a heighten sense of what the year holds for us. It is a reminder to look at the year at a glance and make a mental note for what you want each month to hold or bring for you. However, even with a plan, the ups and downs will come. Life is neither fixed nor absolute; it’s ambiguous.

For me this painting 12Months is way of channeling and organising the tingling burst of creativity energy…….and so much more.

My new work this year are paintings where I would like to portray Man and Nature in harmony. My attempt to achieve this by subtle “blended suggestions “ of colours and brush strokes. Often, my final piece is open to interpretation by the viewer.

“If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”
Edward Hopper


2. My preferred medium is oil as it best suits my painting style. The loose and fluid nature of oils grant me flexibility along with depth of colour and intensity.

Singular, bold colours inspire me, moreover, working with oil paints enables me to create the layers leading to the vibrant shades I adore. They are perfect for blending into a dazzling array of contrasting tones and feel best able to capture the desired drama and emotion to be portrayed.

I have now switched to painting with water based oils and have been very happy with the results.

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