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Cathy Renken,Neil Adcock





Cathy Renken

Aerial Rocky Sea Cove

Floating Boats

Floating Boats

Tree Standing Proud


Mission Statement
My mission is to create contemporary paintings that capture the beauty of the natural world. Painting and drawing landscapes and seascapes that show the presence of light, highlighting form and shape in all the fine details which define my personal style. Being open to travel, to explore new landscapes, and try new mediums to keep my work relevant.
My vision to become professional full time and increase my online presence. Have solo exhibitions selling in galleries across the country. Scaling up my work to incorporate storytelling, textiles, montage, and stitching, to create texture and meaning.
Vision is also to work with local charities to create and run weekly painting, drawing, and printing classes to share my knowledge and help adults and children, benefit from art.


I take inspiration from natural landscapes and interpreting what I see. I’m often seen outdoors sketching, paintings, and photographing woodland trees, branches, fields, meadows, and gardens full of flowers.
I’m especially drawn to the sea so, travelling to coastal regions is very important to my work. Recent drone footage has inspired me to paint the crashing waves and rock formations, from an aerial perspective. My graphic design background makes me want to focus on highlighting details such as, the way sunlight exposes different colours in the rocks and the way light and shadow shimmers across deep waters and surfaces.


I paint using thin layers of acrylic to build up depth of colour gradually on my canvasses. Recently I have experimented with stitching, collage and printing techniques to add texture and interest to my work,

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