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Cath Hide Ceramics






Wildflower Tealights

Wildflower Tealights

Autumn Leaf bird feeder

Autumn Leaf bird feeder

Wave pot detail

Wave pot detail


Cath's mission is to connect with the natural world through the medium of ceramics. After working for over 25 years as a biologist she has encountered many interesting and surprising natural forms which have influenced her work.
Her vision is to use these ideas to develop her business Cath Hide ceramics.


Cath's inspiration is taken from the natural world. For instance, the autumn leaves floating through the air and crunching underfoot. Snails clustering together behind rocks, climbing plants clinging to stone walls and fungi erupting from decaying trees. All these create striking shapes and forms and are just some of the diverse forms that have inspired her ceramics.


Cath creates ceramic forms using both stoneware and earthenware clays and glazes. She uses both hand building and throwing techniques to achieve a wide range of effects, creating mainly functional and decorative forms for the house and garden.

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