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Light by Night Photography






From the Sea

Odins Mirror

Odins Mirror

The Black Church


Light by Night Photography captures images in low level light conditions to create beautiful vistas of celestial, atmospheric and earthly subjects.


My interest in astronomy started decades ago as a schoolboy. I have been fortunate enough to transform a hobby into my profession. Harnessing the light from distant stars does have its problems​, light pollution, planes & satellites can all make my work challenging. I aim to introduce to the eye images that are becoming increasingly hidden from sight due to the effects our way of life has on the night sky. Some of my work has been published by BBC Sky at Night and Astronomy Now magazines and I have previously been shortlisted for Astronomy Photographer of the Year. For me though the ​pure naked enjoyment of knowing that a star's light may have taken thousands or even millions of years to reach my camera lens as I close the shutter, still thrills me now just as it did all those years ago.


Astro Photography enables the night sky to effectively be my canvas. In the summer I shoot the Milky Way, and in winter I chase the Aurora Borealis. This enables me to capture images throughout the year.

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