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Knot of Weaves






Macrame knotted flowers

Tree of life

Tree of life

Colourful cord rainbows


Im a modern macrame artist.
Self taught in lockdown, and I just can't stop knotting!

I like to push myself creatively, trying new techniques, ideas and playing with different fibers, mixing mediums and colour.
Colour is a big part of my creations.
Im always looking at ways the softness of the cord knotted and coming together creates something beautiful and structured.

I mainly make unique one off piece.
I love it when my work brings a smile to a face, they remember doing it at school or with a family member. So lovely hearing how this art form has made a come back.


My inspiration comes from the endless creative opportunities knotting and weaving gives.
There are no limits.
Styles, colours, textures and textiles for your home, fashion, child or nursery objects it's goes on. I take joy from trying new techniques and developing ideas.
Colour is also important to my work.
Taking this ancient craft and its famous appearance in the 70s to a now modern accessory. With a hint if Boho and scandi vibe.


I mainly use recycled cotton cord, purchased from British based providers.
I craft macrame plant hangers, large wall hangings, bags, knotted jewellery, home accessories, plus children's interior decorations such as rainbows and wall hangings made from macrame weavings. I like to incorporating other techniques like embroidered detail, beading or adding paints or fabric dyes.
Most makes are unique and individual.

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