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Bev Hampshire Art



Cavalier King Charles

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel



Bev is an instinctive painter who enjoys mixing a chaotic, colourful, and textured process with mixed media, then finishing off with a contrasting overlay of precision detail.

She loves the way these styles come together and the challenge it makes when creating each unique piece.

Her love and passion for all Animals, comes alive when she brings them together on canvas. Along with the satisfaction knowing that someone else love's them enough to have them in their homes as part of their interior.


A lot of Bev's inspiration comes from the way Animals move, their unique personalities and the texture of their fur is something she finds fascinating. Colour and texture in general is a huge source of inspiration for her, getting inspired from a walk on the beach to visiting a fair ground.

She feel's if you look into their eyes you can tell what they may be trying to say, like looking into their soul, and trying to capture this emotion in her artwork is always a challenge, but one that she loves.


Bev's main choice of medium is Mixed Media, she describes this as everything that is available in her tool box, this consists of acrylic paint, inks, watercolours, a mixture of pencils and coloured pencils, tissue paper, handmade lino cuts, star stamps, and spoons the list goes on its endless.

Each piece starts off with a studied pencil drawing of the subject, then the fun starts! "It’s a feeling I get on what colours or textures come next, no one painting is ever the same".

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