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Art in the park 2023

Paper flowers

Paper flowers



All of my work uses second hand materials to reduce waste and inspire eco-friendly crafting. There is so much potential in unwanted and unused items and my aim is to show a different side to the idea of homemade, and how beauty can come from anywhere. My paper flowers get so many lovely comments about being forever flowers - I've done many wedding bouquets which can be adored and admired for years, and part of the joy is reaching people who wouldn't have thought about being creative in this way or with those materials, and showing what you can do with common, everyday materials.


My inspiration is largely based around being bold and colourful, showing your personality through my unique pieces of jewellery or home decor items. I love playing around with combinations of colour, shapes and texture, whether that is from beads or buttons, magazines or maps, and nature is a bit influence at times with these aspects. Being creative is a massive help to my mental health and I find being surrounded by like minded people very inspiring, even when our crafts are nothing alike, there is a sense of community and passion for our work.


Because I re-use second hand materials, how and what I make can differ depending on what is currently available to me. Using beads and elements from old and broken jewellery is one of my favourite aspects of my work as I clean, dismantle and reconfigure how they all go together, which is a really beautiful creative process. Using maps, books, comics and magazines gives me so much scope for various projects - I turn them into flowers, beads/quills, use them for collage and to make greetings cards; all of which can be personalised by using favourite authors or places.

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