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Bazchad Creative Artist






Metal Warrior Lion

Metal Warrior Lion

Lotus Dream Butterflies

Lotus Dream Butterflies

Wild Warrior Collection

Wild Warrior Collection


The main focus and mission for the majority of my artwork revolves around portraying messages of empowerment, sustainability and environmental issues in the natural world and human impact.


A lot of my inspiration comes from the wonderment of nature and the beauty that it holds. Also more and more my work is becoming inspired and influenced by the fast moving consumer and the planet relationship. How we act and the impact it has for the future.


I love exploring the possibilities of using everyday discarded materials combined with paints, sprays, glues and resins as my chosen media. You could call them re-purposed art. My newest metal works are created using aluminium beer/pop cans where I cut and shape them to form my artwork. I use old techniques of planishing and embossing all done by hand. It’s a very difficult medium to work in but the results are very satisfying and I’m doing my bit for the planet.

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