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Butterfly Magic

Butterfly Magic

Warrior Hare


Baz creates stunning works of art using all variety of medias mainly with sustainable and repurposed materials. His work has always been edgy and sometimes controversial, but overall he loves to push the boundaries of materials and techniques.
He believes that art should be a journey of experiment and that’s why his mind constantly flicks around with an abundance of electric artistic pulses which cumulate into beautiful emotional imagery. 
As three dimensional pieces of artwork whatever he creates they certainly grab your attention, inviting you to look deeper, drawing you in and explore.


Baz is passionate about the environment, insects and animals which are under threat far more than ever before with the increase in population, industrialisation and meeting the needs of the human race. Inspiration comes from nature and the way we live our lives and the trappings of life.


Baz’s creations are handcrafted using mixed media but mainly repurposed materials such as drinks cans. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional and modern techniques.

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