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Flowerpot Mosaics






Queen Elizabeth

Festival of Flowers

Festival of Flowers

Recycled Chimney Pot


My mission is to create beautiful mosaic art that is of the highest quality to decorate indoor and particularly outdoor spaces.
I love creating mosaic art for outdoors and I love it if someone stops for just a moment to view and reflect on a piece of my art, I feel I have succeeded in my work as I want to inspire others to have a go themselves and I want to shatter the misconception that mosaic art is too difficult for anyone to try.


My inspiration comes mainly from nature, my garden and and the changing of the seasons but my inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of places, a photograph, an old piece of material or even a pebble from the beach. My recent visit to Africa has inspired some of my latest collections, the beautiful colours of the flowers and mountains.


When creating a mosaic you can basically use any material: tiles, glass, mirror, crockery, stones etc.
My favourite medium is the beautiful pastel colours of porcelain tiles which are great for replicating traditional Roman mosaics. I also love using marble and glass.
I get a lot of pleasure from reusing materials, old plates, and glass, to give something that might be thrown away a new lease of life.

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