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Angelina Wanczarskyj Illustration





"Yeehaw" - Angelina Wanczarskyj

"Lets get to work" - Angelina Wanczarskyj

"Lets get to work" - Angelina Wanczarskyj

Tiger Coasters - Angelina Wanczarskyj


My background is in illustration which is reminiscent of childhood, innocence and fun. The aim of my art is to leave an impression of warmth, happiness and joy. With a vision that my art will teach others the importance of life, our planet, and nature, in a colourful and playful way


I am inspired by my love of animals and nature, the home comforts of my childhood, books and movies. I have travelled a lot over the years and I have taken a lot of inspiration from Icelandic folklore as well as Japanese storytelling. I also adore colour, I love experimenting with colour palettes and how they themselves can tell a story within my art.


I am a mixed media artist, my work focuses mainly on painting with gouache, illustrating with pencils, digital art and creating ceramic pieces such as dinner ware, vases and trinkets.

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