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Andrea Crowley






Sterling silver mermaid pendant

Sterling silver owl pendant with larimar stone

Sterling silver owl pendant with larimar stone

Sterling silver seahorses pendant with labradorite stone


Mission and vision
When I design a piece of jewellery, there is usuaIly a narrative behind it or an idea that I want to communicate. I love to create miniature stories in silver; small, highly detailed, metal art pieces to be worn by people who want to wear unusual, one-of-a-kind items. I create scenes, characters or creatures that have meaning behind them and will be meaningful to the person who chooses them. I hope my pieces will be a talking point; that they will lead to a conversation about jewellery that I will have started. I love the idea of that.


I am most inspired by people and creatures, sometimes real and sometimes mystical. I have always loved creating detailed art in miniature and I am drawn to trying to achieve this using silversmithing techniques. I particularly love sea creatures due to their strong and strange shapes and have a fascination with mermaids, which have been the theme for several of my pieces. I also love to create jewellery that incorporates birds, especially owls, and to combine these themes with beautiful gemstones that echo and complement them.


I work mainly in silver, using traditional silversmithing techniques. I do also use copper to add detail and contrast to my designs and occasionally brass. I love to incorporate semi-precious cabachons and sometimes beads in my designs. All my designs are hand drawn by me and my pieces often include detailed shapes and texturing. I love to include detail and pattern using stamps, burrs or hammers.

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