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Colour My Canvas





Floral coaster



Cherry blossom


Art is a great passion of mine and most of all, it is a lot of fun outside of my 9-5 job! My mission is to bring joy to people through my artwork. I love painting with lots of vibrant colours and I want to my artwork to brighten homes and make people smile. Each of my unique canvases are painted with love and perfected to the last detail!
I enjoyed painting from a young age and I was encouraged by my school teachers to study up to A-Level art in school. The lockdown gave me more time to paint again and I have made it my priority to pick up my paintbrushes and express my creative side. When I am painting, I am completely focused and absorbed into the canvas, away from any screens. I find the process of creating artwork relaxing and therapeutic. I wish to inspire others to find and explore their passions - whatever this may be!


My creative mind is inspired by anything and everything! You never know when an idea will strike! To name a few; long walks in nature, animals, beautiful scenes around the world, visiting art museums, experimenting with new mediums, working in different locations (outside in the garden, weather permitting!) I love experimenting with colour.
I am open to all sources of creativity and try to expose myself to all different forms.


I mainly use acrylic paints on my canvas, building up different layers, textures and experimenting combining different colours. This creates unique and abstract canvases which are full of detail. I also create hand painted mini artwork on coasters.

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