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Amanda Glanville - Maker of Tiny Glass Stuff






Tiny glass Highland Coo

Tiny glass Daleks

Tiny glass Daleks

Tiny Glass Ice Lollies


Amanda's appealing, approachable art has attracted a wide fan base of all ages. She has specialised in miniature glass making since the mid 1990s and has travelled across the length and breadth of the UK doing high quality designer maker events, art trails and exhibitions explaining the fascinating process she uses to coax molten glass into recognisable shapes.


Amanda's long working life has bought her into contact with a huge variety of people whose suggestions what she should make are vital to her work. Her mantra is that if it makes us smile and laugh, it needs to be made in miniature glass! The challenge is always making the impossibly small in great detail.


Amanda's method is lamp work or flame work, manipulating small quantities of molten glass in a flame the size of a bunsen burner using miniature glass making tools. Each piece she makes can take anything from 10 minutes to several hours. Her pieces average in size 1-2cm and 4cm is really pushing it! Once made they must be cooled very gently over several hours in a kiln.

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