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Ali Perry






Lampwork Bead and Fire Opal Necklace

Galaxy Earrings

Galaxy Earrings

Amazonia Lampwork Necklace


Ali’s mission is to creates unique lampwork glass bead, gemstone and silver jewellery pieces celebrating colour that will be collected and treasured by her customers. She loves to see her jewellery being worn out and about, bringing colour to someone's day!


Ali’s work is inspired by colour in the world around her, recreating colour combinations in her own handmade glass beads and one-of-a-kind finished jewellery pieces; the gemstones, pearls and the coloured glass rods she uses to make her beads all serve as her artist’ palette.


Ali is a lampworker and silversmith, creating beads by melting glass rods in the flame, blending colours and adding decoration. Her favourite beads incorporate reactive glass producing beautiful metallic and iridescent effects, creating beads that can resemble planets or galaxies in space. Ali makes her own silver components which she blends with her glass beads and a rainbow of beautiful, natural gemstones and pearls.

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