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Alice May Artwork





Guide Dog - Fundraising Piece (Toby)

Safari Collection

Safari Collection

Rustic Food - Guide Dog Marathon Window


My mission is to bring joy to peoples day with viewing my art. A real purist, I love creating and allowing people to enjoy the pieces of work I create. As I continue to grow, I want to be able to encourage and inspire others to draw, paint and create. My vision is to continue to stick to my passions of window/wall art, animals and nature - developing my skills and enhance my self-belief whilst taking on bigger challenges. Over the last 12 months, with the support of my clients, I have realised that I can achieve and love every minute of being lost in the world of art. I feel very fortunate to be able to paint, draw and create as part of my living.


My inspiration comes from my love animals from a very young age and my creative mind. I always found a love for painting my animals, it allowed me to get lost in the creative elements of making something come to life. As I reached school years I found inspiration from other artists online and loved the self-taught abilities of others, without knowing, I was spending hours developing my craft. There was a real innocence to it. Now being a paid artist, my inspiration is to hopefully encourage others to paint and to find a passion like I once did.


For my pet portraits I mainly use watercolour and acrylic as my main median types. My acrylics are also used for window mural art, whilst I introduce marker pens for fine details.

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