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Alice Goode





Pygmy Galleries: Pygcasso's

Pygmy Galleries: Pygcasso's

Pygmy Galleries (close up)

Pygmy Galleries (close up)

Fearless Flight

Fearless Flight


Alice is a visual story teller, skilled artist and illustrator creating in a range of styles and mediums.

She is constantly influenced by stories of the world and those around her and her creative versatility allows her to reflect upon the interface between visual art and reality.


Born to two fine art graduates, she benefitted from an upbringing that actively encouraged an un-restricted approach to the arts in its many forms.

Having completed a BA and interest in film as a visual art form, Alice reconnected with her love of paper and canvas based arts in 2018 and hasn't stopped since.

Although her inspiration and resulting art can take many forms, conversations with her late father in 2021, inspired a series of miniature pieces, which continue to bring her immense joy to create and allow her to embrace her eclectic interests.


Alice is a skilled, versatile artist, working in a variety of styles and mediums, with a particular penchant for working on small scale and miniature art works.

Each Miniature art piece is created as a unique hand-painted artwork in its own right, from which she creates a small scale gallery scene using other mixed media. This allows us as the audience to both enjoy the delight of intricate pieces of art as well as reflect upon art as a something to be viewed. These pieces are further emphasised by larger than life photography of the completed scene.

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