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Ali Hansen Art






Great British Bands

Pump Room Swimmers

Pump Room Swimmers

Elephants Crossing


My mission is to create very affordable art that is stylish, cool, clever and interesting. I try to include something in my art that people can really relate to. My goal is for my art to look rich and high quality but to be at a price that is within someone's reach.
My vision is to create something clever and new that evokes the past and has a vintage look to it. I want to create pieces that have an aspirational feel to them and a modernity even though they are created in traditional medium.


My inspiration comes from many different areas but it all seems to come from the past. I draw from mid- century commerical and aspirational illustration. I am very influenced by the leading fashion illustrators of the 20th century. I also take inspiration from movies and iconic outfits from key film characters. Fashion and clothing influences me greatly due to my original background in fashion design and illustration.
I also enjoy bringing a celebratory aspect to my work, particulary celebrating things that are uniquely British whether that be British Bands or British cars.
I enjoy drawing inspiration from iconic product design too which I think reflects my design background.


I mainly use pen and ink for the line work of my illustrations. I fill in the colour with flat watercolour.

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