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Skies of Hope Jewellery





Gemstone Chain Necklace

Pastel Waterfall Studs

Pastel Waterfall Studs

Toggle Clasp Pearl Bracelet


I want to create jewellery that incorporates three main things: first, good quality, because much of the high street jewellery I owned before tarnished extremely quickly; second, affordability, since high quality jewellery can often break the bank; and third, uniqueness, a lot of the affordable jewellery I came across felt very similar and lacked character, and I wanted my jewellery to have a bit more life so that my customers take pride in wearing it. And so, I set out to create jewellery that would last, that would not come with a hefty price tag, and that wouldn’t be in-your-face, but would subtly catch the eye. Another difference in my jewellery is that, particularly on my website, I aim to make everything as customisable as possible, whether metal, length, colour etc. — I want my customers to feel like their jewellery is exactly how they’d like it.


I love the subtle beauty of nature, and so I try to incorporate that into my jewellery, whether that’s through the natural gemstones or freshwater pearls I use, or dainty gold chains that shimmer as they reflect the sunlight. Lots of my pieces also have little pops of colour, just as the natural world around us — including Jephson Gardens — is a paint splattered canvas of colour. Much of my inspiration comes from the materials themselves, and I particularly love working with freshwater pearls, aiming to enhance their already natural lustrous beauty. A lot of my handmade designs are born out of sitting down with these materials and simply playing around and experimenting to see what happens — what ideas are born naturally out of my imagination. I like to make sure my pieces are versatile, so that they are perfect for everyday wear but can also easily be dressed up.


In terms of metals, for gold I mostly use 18k gold plated findings (with the occasional 16k gold plated), and for silver it varies a little more, but most are either sterling silver, platinum plated, or 304 stainless steel. I use these metals as the basis for my designs. As for the other materials I use to craft my jewellery, I adore using natural freshwater pearls and shells, as well as gemstones and millefiori glass beads; a lot of my designs also incorporate enamel pendants or some element that is cubic zirconia. For some more simplistic designs I use only the metals, and then for some of my more elaborate designs I include any combination of these materials — wherever my imagination leads me!

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