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A H Contemporary Glass






Canary Wharf - Cityscape Wall Art

Sunset - Centrepiece Bowl

Sunset - Centrepiece Bowl

Stripes - Set of Six Coasters


There has been a lot of change over the last twelve months with my creative practice. I moved my studio back home, after having commercial studio and gallery spaces for seven years. This wasn’t an easy decision, but the right one due to rising financial costs and a medical condition, which resulted in me having to surrender my driving licence. This has had a huge impact on my business, as I had to reduce my exhibitions and events. Recently I’ve had my driving licence back, so thats good.
My mission this year is to create a new collection, for a headline exhibition stating in April. I will be working towards my WOS Summer Art Weeks event, which I am doing from my home and garden studio. Towards the end of the year I need to design and create two new statement pieces for an exhibition at Bankside Gallery in London.


I find inspiration for my glass artwork collections from a number of different sources. My cityscape wall panels are inspired from my architectural photography of iconic urban skylines, these are my most intricate pieces to create.
The artworks from my ‘From Above’ collection, are inspired by satellite imagery of landscapes and cites. I have always been interested in visually looking at the world from a different perspective, which usually results in an abstract representation in my work.
I always enjoy the challenge of working to a design brief for a commission or an exhibition theme. It’s good to work out of my comfort zone sometimes, to push my studio practice in a new direction.
Over the years I have designed and created artworks, inspired by haiku, geo-metric patterns, portraits, nature, seascapes, textures, The Beatles, stripes and my most recent inspiration are sunsets.


I specialise in kiln-formed glass processes and I only use ‘Bullseye’ glass materials to create my artworks, for its supreme quality and vast range of colours and products.
Within Contemporary Craft circles, I’m known mainly for using 1mm glass stringers (rods). I don’t just use a few, I cover the whole sheet of glass with them, from coasters to large wall installations. These designs range from intricate geo-metric patterns to abstract cityscapes.
For my latest artworks, I’m using a selection of stainless steel moulds to form the glass, rather than using my usual ceramic ones. Working in this way is giving me the opportunity to learn new skills and firing schedules. The end result is that my artworks are slightly more chunky and have more depth and texture. I am looking forward to seeing how these artworks develop, so far I’m very happy with the results.

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