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My Middle Name is Happiness

My Middle Name is Happiness

Walk by the Canal and River

Walk by the Canal and River


Our mission is to promote the art of drawing for the public benefit through the use of coloured pencils by providing at least one annual exhibition to showcase work, and with workshops and demonstrations to help educate the public how to use coloured pencils.

In June 2018, the society was granted charity status

At Art in the Park there will be demonstrations as well as artists' pictures that show what can be done with coloured pencils, and there will be the opportunity for the public to try out pencils and papers (depending on the COVID rules at the time)


The Artists are inspired by the variation in work that can be produced using all ranges of coloured pencils and suitable surfaces.


All the UK Coloured Pencil Society members use Coloured Pencils, but every artist will use a different variety of pencils and surfaces. Some work is hyper-realistic, some is abstract or imaginative, a wide variety of techniques. Art works include Still Life, Botanical, Wild Animals, Pets, Portraits and Landscapes. Our members range from beginners to full time professionals, so styles and methods vary considerably.

(Our members include people from a wide range of ethnic types, some live in Warwickshire and others from all over the UK and overseas)