Susan Watt







Chicken with attitude

Shadows at dusk


Creativity is at the heart of all that I do. I like to see the world in unexpected ways and enjoy nothing more than repurposing or recycling something ordinary into something extraordinary or surprising. My collages are full of hidden messages and images that trick the eye and amaze when viewed close up. I like to make the viewer smile.


Anything that evokes emothion inspires me. I love to collage landscapes, flowers and animals but am always up for a challenge and am happy to attempt a specific subject matter with magazine content given to me.


I use nothing but PVA glue and old magazines given to me by friends. I cut or tear them into small pieces to build up an image in exactly the same way as paint. I love to include messages and inspiring words I find as I flick through the magazine.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
All artists pictures © artists themselves

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