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Golden Land

Golden Land

Blue Sea

Blue Sea

Venice Colours

Venice Colours


My mission and vision for my work is to help people celebrate the beauty within our natural landscape, taking in the vibrancy of the colours and natural materials that surround us.

Working on a large scale, I hope to bring colour and vibrancy to people’s homes though my paintings. Giving them a snippet of the Cornish landscape, creating paintings that can feel both energetic and calm within different spaces.

I hope to help people reminisce of their time in the English landscape, taking the grit, the peacefulness and the turmoil that you can experience and investigating this through different materials on a surface.


My work is deeply inspired by the Cornish landscape. After living there for three years I was influenced by the processes within our landscape, the sea, the sand and the dirt beneath our feet. Therefore, my work is very much about the process of making, combining found materials such as sand and burnt driftwood with paint, oil bars, charcoal, plaster and oil pastels to create textured and dream like surfaces.

The work is full of layers and is an extremely intuitive process, influenced by images of the sea, the horizon and mountains as well as being extremely abstract and colourful. The paintings rely on the viewer as everyone will interpret the work differently, looking through the layers and the landscape, finding features such as hidden figures or pieces of texture.


I primarily create paintings which are a combination of many different materials. I combine acrylic paint, with oil bars, oil pastels and charcoal with non-artistic materials such as plaster and sand.

The aim is to created investigations on a surface, creating textured surfaces as well as extremely minimal and painterly outcomes. The paintings are extremely abstract, focused on colour itself, creating earthy yet vibrant abstract landscapes. I combine drawing and mark making with painting by drawing into paintings with charcoal and oil pastels, with hints of words and sporadic marks.

I have also experimented with screen printing, collograph printing and ceramic sculptures. These inspire my final painterly outcomes and help with composition. They are interesting processes and I use them to investigate the use of layers, colour and texture, to portray figure like shapes and the landscape. Working with multiple process and mediums is extremely important within my work, constantly inspiring new ideas and material investigations.