Sofia Fernandes






Land of yellow

Land of yellow



Gust of wind

Gust of wind


My work is largely based around process, materials and the landscape. I aim to make work that intruiges the viewer into how it was made, what it was made with and where it was made. Therefore, my mission and the purpose of my work is to make people passionate about the things and stuff that make up our surroundings and the beauty of the natural landscape. I explore langauge, material and chance to create my own manipulated and colour fuelled land within my paintings, bringing a sense of calm.

I want to share my obscured landscape with others, finding beautiful homes for my paintings and accompanying drawings. I envision my work growing and becoming a part of the Leamington/midlands arts community and would love to connect with other artists at this event. I have lived in Leamington my whole life, prior to studying in Cornwall, and would like to establish my practice in my home town.


My inspiration comes from my surroundings. I am influenced by the ongoing processes and array of materials that make up our natural landscape. Having lived and studied in Cornwall for the past three years, I am influenced by the calm and chaos that can come from living by the sea, the storm and the calm after the storm.

I am obsessed with materiality, abstraction and colour. More recently I have introduced more representational aspects such as twisted figure-like forms, floating objects, and a random array of words to generate shifting contingent narratives in my work.


My paintings are an investigation into materials and combine a variety of natural and artistic materials. I have experimented with combining found materials such as sand and dirt to create texture in my work, taking directly from the environment and challenging what can be applied to the surface of a canvas.

I also combine various artistic materials to create texture, open spaces, washes, marks and words within my paintings . For example, I combine acrylic paint, oil bars, charcoal and pastels with plaster and found burnt wood to create a mark making, drawing and movement based painting practice that relies on chance.

My love of materials also expands into print making and sculpture. I have previously created screen prints and ceramic twisted figures to influence the composition and objects within my paintings. Therefore, I am influenced by various processes and how they use materials.