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Lord Buddha Painting

Lord Buddha Painting

Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections

Couple romancing under the moonlight

Couple romancing under the moonlight


I did arts during my school days and discontinued when I was in 10th grade. In 2020, I started Art all over again and felt a great positivity while trying to settle in the UK. My mission is to radiate the positivity amongst people through my varied artworks created. I also wish to communicate how doing Arts is good for ones' mind and body, helps in improving ones' outlook as a whole (aids in fighting loneliness and depression). Each of my artwork speaks a story, which I portray in the form of fine details on a canvas.

My vision is to create artworks which relaxes and soothes the mind and the eyes of the viewer. I am also focussing my artworks such that it is inspiring and brings peace of mind to my customers. I would also like to try different mediums such as oil colors for creating oil paintings in 2022.


My inspiration for art comes from my heart as whenever I create any piece of art, it gives me inner peace and a sense of satisfaction; and this happiness is incomparable.

My artworks are inspired from nature and human bonds and relationships. I focus on the tiny aspects to give a detailed information through my artworks.

My Mandala artworks are inspired from the meditation, which helps in relaxing the mind and the body.


I use acrylic paints for canvas paintaings. I use canvas boards and the GSM sheets from Hobbycraft.

For my mandala artworks, I use fineliners from Uniball.

I use graphite pencils for sketching from Daler and Rowney.