Sarah Villeneau Ceramics






White Finned Bowl

White Finned Bowl

Yellow Frilled Bowl

Yellow Frilled Bowl

Variegated Brown Finned Form

Variegated Brown Finned Form


Sarah is constantly pushing her practice to try out new ideas. She aims to create objects that intrigue, that are sensuous and tactile, robust and also fragile and that have an emotional impact for the viewer. Capturing an essence of natural form that resonates in the memory of the viewer, the work is nevertheless ambiguous and may recall something found in the undergrowth, at the seaside or under the microscope. She hopes that the work will stop people in their tracks and make them think and explore both visually and with touch.

Although some forms are repeated, no two are alike. The function of the vessel form is often still present; however, they are intended as objects of contemplation rather than use.


The artist is inspired by the expressive and versatile properties of clay and how it can be used to interpret organic form. Inspired by repeat forms in nature, Sarah likes to explore those archetypal shapes and textures that are found in biology as well as geology, and on a macro and micro scale. The artist also tries to capture the effect in nature of perfect imperfection, leaving the evidence of the making process as an echo of growth and change in nature.

Using clay as her main medium, Sarah in inspired to push the clay to its limits and experiment with glazing and other decorative techniques.


Sarah uses high-fired ceramics which she handbuilds using mostly slabbing, pinching and coiling techniques. She using satin matte and textured engobes and glazes and sometimes incorporates other materials into her work. The work is domestic in scale, although she is constantly looking to go bigger.