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The Spa Telegram template

The Spa Telegram template

Me at work

Me at work

 A lyric telegram near Leamington Spa train station

A lyric telegram near Leamington Spa train station


We’re all constantly exchanging messages – writing a WhatsApp with one hand as we tap out an email with the other.

I want to help people create something as succinct, but more thoughtful and permanent. Capture a moment in time that’s less disposable.

The tangible quality of a telegram forces you to think about every single word. I want to remind people how affecting a considered message can be.


A telegram. Sent by my dad to my mum in the seventies. Framed in my family home as I grew up. It read: "I can't wait to see you tomorrow".

The medium and its process gave a simple message a new depth of meaning. My dad had gone to the trouble of getting this message typed and delivered. It seemed like such a contrast to the way we send and receive messages today.

After ten years of pondering this, I finally bought myself an Olivetti 22 typewriter to see where this beautiful machine could take me.


I type messages on a pistachio green sixties Olivetti 22 typewriter. Designed in Italy. Made in Glasgow.

The branded message template is inspired by the traditional Post Office telegram design. It has room for bespoke details such as word count, the time received and a date stamp.

Many of the messages I receive come through Instagram or my website. I find the coming together of two worlds – the digital and the physical – really interesting. Where usually someone would just hammer out some quick words and an emoji, they stop to consider what they want to say: where to start and end, how it’s phrased, how it will be received.