Rebecca Judge






Pebworth Cube, Number 6

Pebworth Cube, Number 6

Snow Over the Woods, Pebworth

Snow Over the Woods, Pebworth

Stepping Outside

Stepping Outside


Mission: To create original one off paintings using gouache resist technique and mixed media and to bring my work and method to a larger audience. To show understanding of colour and composition whilst experimenting with adding and removing layers of media including inks, gouache, metallic leaf and wax. To give the viewer a feeling of the landscape I've painted, the weather, time of day and time of year.

Vision: To create a cohesive body of work that shows my aesthetic in a range of ways, from 4" x 4" wooden cubes for the tiniest spaces, to larger framed pieces to display on their own or as a group in a grid. To have a large range of original and affordable pieces- art for everyone! Building on my successes with fairs and workshops in 2021, this year is all about taking gouache resist technique further and putting it on the map as a fantastic art process by marketing it more, exhibiting, taking part in fairs, collabs, demos and providing workshops and classes and to keep learning and connecting with other artists and makers.


Inspiration: I paint small moments of familiar loveliness. I aim to make paintings with depth that show a feeling of positive change in my local surroundings, particularly the woodland where I walk my dog. I document the changes and like to celebrate them in my work.

I am so inspired by altering process and experimenting with media and surface. I get excited by finding methods and making them my own, changing them up and finding new ways of doing things. I like risk and complication to be below the surface in my art as it gives interesting and rewarding results. Over the past year I've become really inspired by bringing my methods to more people via workshops and seeing them enjoy using gouache resist technique and make it their own.


I work on my own version of gouache resist technique. I sketch roughly onto watercolour paper or grounded wood. I add thick gouache paints using brushes and other tools to give a range of marks. Once the work is dry, I spray fine Indian ink over the whole piece. When this is bone dry, I wash the excess ink and gouache away. This leaves an impression of the original painting on the paper, sometimes strongly, sometimes more of a ghost image. The results are always a surprise. This is the basis of my method but I vary techniques regularly, adding media such as crayon and other resists, metallic leaf and anything else that might be interesting. I am currently experimenting with cold wax and oil sticks and different sized and differently textured surfaces.