Penny Varley Ceramics





Cotswold Edge Bowls

Inside the flower

Stoneware Dragonfly


As a designer maker my mission is to engage with the public and to demonstrate the amazing arts and crafts that can be created with clay. I am keen to show the diversity of clay and the different ways texture, colour and form and be applied.


My inspiration for my work is drawn from landscape surrounding my garden studio. I like to keep form and design simple letting the subject fill the space.


My medium is clay. I work primarily in white earthenware. Each piece is fired a minimum of twice. I have a range of domestic ware, jugs, bowls and coasters, My artistic pieces derive from shapes and forms from the garden and landscape. They are both decorative and functional. My garden ceramics are made with a stoneware clay and my aim is to keep clean simple forms with minimum decoration.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
All artists pictures © artists themselves

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