Palvinder and Harkiran Kalsi

@pkalsiart, @harkirankkalsi

@pkalsiart, @harkirankkalsi



Prince, Leamington Spa

Robin, Don't Hide

Bear, Bowie


Our mission/vision is to bring happiness and inspiration through my pieces of work. Since childhood, we have been drawing which has brought us a lot of happiness. As social media become more prominent, we developed a desire to share our passion for art with others from all different walks of life. So, we started uploading our work on different social media platforms allowing us to connect with people from all over the world. Through art our goal is to spread positivity and connect people. Our portraits and lettering have inspired many and we continue to create work that has meaning and purpose.


Palvinders inspiration stems from the challenges he faces with his drawings and connecting with others through his art. Realism requires a lot of patience, concentration and perseverance to capture the accuracy of a subject. For the past many years, he has put in a lot of hours in each piece learning different techniques to perfect his craft. It gives him a great sense of fulfilment when he finishes a piece knowing he started from a blank page. More recently, he has been inspired by both fine and digital abstract art, which has encouraged him to draw with more creativity.

Harkiran finds inspiration from a wide variety of sources, like running, cycling, reading, music, art, Ted Talks etc. Words are her passion and how they can motivate people to do something great in their life. She loves to inspire people to connect with themselves and find meaning in their own lives.


Palvinder mainly uses graphite pencils although he has recently started to use oil paints and colour pencils. He uses a range of pencils from hard to soft to achieve different results. For instance, he uses hard pencils for subtle shading and pulling out fine, sharp details soft pencils for dark tones. Sometimes he uses both types of pencils to pull put darker, finer details in a piece. In addition, he uses various tools from electric erasers, putty rubbers, soft brushes, cotton buds to hard rubbers to achieve different levels of highlights and textures.

Harkiran creates a lot of her work digitally using the iPad Pro and Procreate. When she is not digitally creating she keeps a sketchbook where marker pens such as POSCA are used and when creating murals or canvas paintings, acrylic paints and spray paints are used.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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