Mizuki Takahashi





Silver Slit-joint Disc Necklace and Earrings

Marked Enamel Jewellery Collection

Silver Long Strip Clustered Pendant Necklace


Jewellery making fascinates her to enable people to wear art or sculpture on their body. She is introducing viewers to new possibilities in enamelled jewellery.

In Mizuki’s jewellery making, she uses enamelling as her one of main techniques. Enamelling has a long history in jewellery making. Mizuki uses this traditional technique but minimises the colour and plays on the surface decoration to achieve a contemporary look in her jewellery design.

Prior to jewellery making, she spends time building ideas and designs in her sketch books and making paper samples. Practicing in mark-making and playing with paper gives Mizuki simple yet delicate sculptural design ideas in her jewellery making.


Practicing in mark-making and playing with paper gives Mizuki simple yet delicate design ideas in her jewellery making.

Mark-making is a simple practice of different lines, dots, marks, patterns, and textures. These marks are sometimes collected from random drawings from her sketch books, the photographs she’s taken or marks she found in daily life. She enjoys this practice in enamelling as it’s kind of both controllable and non-controllable on the enamelled surface which also differs by firing time and kiln temperature. All of Mizuki’s jewellery creations are unique, one-off pieces.

Playing with paper is the ideal practice for her to ease the existing ideas to go further or even getting new ideas without technical barriers and difficulties in her finishing materials. Once a jewellery piece is made or during its process of making, it also feeds her inspiration to get and grow new ideas for the next project.


Mizuki mainly uses enamel, copper and silver to create her jewellery. Enamelling is her most recent fascination in her practice, she creates unique mark-making patterns on delicate enamelled copper surfaces using the sgraffito (scratching) technique and a brush-stroke enamel paint technique. Enamelling is finely ground glass powder fused to metal at high heat. Every line and mark she draws is individual and is changed by the firing time in the kiln at around 800°C, giving different results in each project. Oxidised black silver fastenings for each enamelled element are carefully designed and handmade by Mizuki.

Mizuki also creates delicate silver jewellery collections with simple shapes to enhance the beauty of the material. Piercing, annealing, texturing, soldering and more; she uses traditional jewellery making techniques and processes to achieve her design into shapes. In her silver jewellery collection, the silver surface is usually finished with a subtle satin polished finish.


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