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Dolphins Off Cornish Coast

Finding the Source of the River Thames

Diverse City


Max and Tessa Kaiser's mission is to continue having a good following of excited customers and buyers of their individual pieces of art. We always aim to reach out to new audiences, but always remain loyal to our Warwick roots. This year we will also be entering our work into the RA Summer Exhibition as both of our styles have been very well commended.


Max Kaiser has been inspired by Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky and Klee. He is also inspired from everyday objects and likes to put together amalgamations that make the viewer look more deeply into the canvas.
Tessa Kaiser is inspired by the various countries that she has visited. She also loves walking and remembers lots of the scenes. She will come home, and produce the essence of the trip, using colour, fabric and stitch.


Max Kaiser has always been very traditional and uses oil on canvas. He will always sketch out his designs first with pencil and then keep applying the paint until he feels that its finished.
Tessa Kaiser is an embroidery artist, using a variety of hand and machine stitches, techniques, and materials, building up to create beautiful pictures.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
All artists pictures © artists themselves

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