Marie Calvert





Man's Head, St.Ives

Autumn trees, New Forest

Sea Drizzle


I am essentially a land and seascape painter, and my passion is to try and capture something of the feeling of the natural world in expressive, imaginative and semi abstract ways. My work is not literal, though I like it to be earthed in reality, so it is recognisably connected to the natural world and often to a specific area. My passion is in trying to capture something of the fleeting effects of the elements on the landscape, especially on the wild movement and colour of the sea. Having said that, my work is constantly evolving as I experiment and grow. Essentially it is about expressing the feeling of where I am, a moment in time, which may never be repeated. I am also an Arts Psychotherapist, and see the creative process reflected in my work as well as my paintings.


I am continually inspired by the sea around St.Ives, and have been going there regularly for over 20 years, so many of my sea paintings are influenced by this place which I know so well. The purity of light and colour and the way the weather crashes in from the Atlantic is constantly affecting the land and shaping my response to it. I also love painting where I live, so I've been enjoying exploring trees and inland water over this last year or so. I'm inspired by a diverse range of artists including JMW Turner, Alfred Wallis, Kurt Jackson and other contemporary Cornish artists such as Paul Wadsworth who challenge me and stir me into action. I'm also a keen photographer (something I began decades ago, but had a long break from), and have a series of photos taken in Iceland which is also a massive source of inspiration.


I work mainly in acrylic and also mixed media. I like the fact that the paint dries quickly so I can play with different effects, scraping back and then adding to the image, splattering paint, using pen, charcoal, collage and other media to achieve the effects I want. I am a great fan of 'not trying too hard', but to let myself play when I paint. In this way I find I can capture the spontaneity that comes from using paint, ink and other media without becoming too tight or rigid. It gives me a sense of freedom, and I try to leave areas unresolved, maybe using scribble to hint at something, and let the viewer make their own connection.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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