Magdalena Edwards Art


Wolf Portrait

Wolf Portrait

Sea Horse

Sea Horse




I am aiming to capture the movement, colours, versatility and freedom of wildlife using my own fluid style of painting. If you look closely enough, just like us humans, all my animals have their own characters and different stories to tell.

I hope to share my love and passion of nature in my work with others and eventually be able to teach art through workshops.

I believe that doing art can have a very therapeutic and powerful impact upon our wellbeing so I want to make it as interesting and accessible to the widest possible audience.


I grew up in the unspoiled lake district of Mazury in Poland and have a love for all that’s living amongst us. From a very early age, I started drawing cartoons and Japanese manga which has significantly influenced my style.

I have mainly been painting watercolours of British wildlife for the last 12 years.

I chose this medium because of its unpredictable properties and unique results that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

I find it very relaxing to be able to spend a few hours studying my subjects and trying to translate my vision onto paper.

I find expressionism and movement inspirational as nothing lasts forever.


My medium is watercolours and in my work I use mixed techniques to achieve different and unusual effects/ textures.

My pieces of art are usually multi-layered as I do not use preliminary sketches in the process. I believe that pencilling in stops my creative flow and freedom to be spontaneous.

I allow my paintings to build themselves and find if challenging to know when is the correct time to stop.

I use highly pigmented colours in my pallet and mix them on paper allowing them to flow more freely.