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Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Butterflies ' Specimen' Case

Butterflies ' Specimen' Case


Lindsay - Growing up in the industrial Midlands I have always been inspired by the contrast between the urban environment and the wildlife that inhabit the space and through my work I strive to highlight our co-dependence and how we should recognise and cherish the fragility of this relationship. The natural world is one that we can take for granted and I aim to encourage people to look around them and take note of the beauty that is all around them.

Alan -I have been a photographer all my life, and discovering historic photographic processes a few years ago enabled me to find a way to express my photography artistically.
Digital photography is the initial medium, but the alchemy begins there as digital merges with analogue materials, pigments, light sensitive chemicals, gum arabic etc, and the results are painterly and allow interpretation.
Initially producing more literal and direct images of still life, buildings, scenery, interesting doors(!) etc, my future vision is to allow me to develop ideas further and express messages, feelings and concepts in work that is more open to interpretation. My development will always be work in progress.


Lindsay - I often sketch on location not just industrial and urban scenes but also local flora and fauna that share the space and I find that working en plain air enables me to connect with my environment through sight, smell and sound. I like to recycle materials and will often repurpose items such as old books and maps to create my artworks avoiding them being sent to landfill. Often the subject of these artworks are the animals and insects with whom I am sharing my local environment.

Alan - My first inspiration is usually in capturing a scene, object, whatever in a digital photograph. I trust my photographic eye to find something that flicks a switch in my head wherever I am. Often, up until now, these ideas are only come across by chance when out and about. Until recently not generally going out with a specific idea in mind. My inspirations have always been the many brilliant artists worldwide who have been using these historic alternative photographic processes. Confident in my processes, I now have time to expand concepts and look at adapting the process to my ideas. I am now also inspired by the work of artists in other fields, monoprinting, linocutting and other printing processes, elements of which can be included in my work. The majority of these inspirations come from the many active specialist facebook groups online, and visiting exhibitions.


Lindsay -I mainly use mixed media in my work. I repurpose old books, maps, sheet music, teabags and receipts among other things to create a surface for my pen and watercolour painting. I add texture using different papers and materials to bring depth to a picture and sometimes use text in my work. When working with teabags, I often fill them with collage before drawing over the top and adding a watercolour wash. I then use hot wax to make them transparent and parchment like and sometimes sew into them.

Alan -I mainly work with a process called Gum Bichromates, or ‘Gum Printing’. This involves creating a monochrome negative from a digital image, which is printed onto transparency paper. Watercolour paper is then coated with a mixture of pigment, gum arabic and a light sensitive chemical. This is then sandwiched with the negative and exposed to UV light, which hardens the image to the paper in proportion to the amount of light reaching it. The image is then washed in water and brushed to achieve the desired effect, left to dry, and then further further layers of different colours or strengths added as desired. The majority of my pieces need at least three layers but I have used as many as eight when necessary.