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Chesterton Windmill Silhouetted by the Evening Sky

Chesterton Windmill Silhouetted by the Evening Sky

Reflection of the Gurdwara Sahib Temple

Reflection of the Gurdwara Sahib Temple

Sunrise at the Bottom of Leamington Parade

Sunrise at the Bottom of Leamington Parade


Laurence Iles: I use my photography as a platform to showcase the beauty of the world around us. Every photograph I take is intended to immerse the viewer into the moments I capture and invoke thoughts and emotions within them.

Amber Iles: My aim is to create fun and imaginative illustrations full of childlike whimsy and fantastical creatures. I want my artwork to inspire people the same way I was inspired whilst creating it.

My work leans towards more stylised characters with big eyes. I find these kinds of characters charming, and I can empathise with them. I think everyone can relate to characters like this, the absence of unnecessary details broadens the audience of people who can see themselves in a character. I like to leave space for people to imagine themselves in my work.


Laurence Iles: Many things inspire me to create photographs, however none more so than creative use of lighting. Whether it be the way the sunset creates a silhouette of an iconic building or the way a single streetlight provides the perfect cinematic lighting for a portrait shoot, I will always be fascinated by the countless ways I can use lighting to tell a story.

Amber Iles: A lot of my work reflects myself and the people and things around me. I like making artwork tailored to a specific story or person. My inspiration comes from the subject matter at hand as well as my own wealth of experiences and living.


Laurence Iles: As a digital photographer it is very easy to use programs like Photoshop to over-edit images, removing imperfections like people, traffic, and grey skies. However, I believe this compromises the authenticity of the image leaving a lifeless photograph. As such, I leave the contents of my photographs untouched, focusing on getting a great image straight out of the camera instead.
Another pitfall of digital photography is neglecting to print photographs. In a world where most photographs are only ever displayed on phone screens and monitors, owning a high-quality print of a photograph can sometimes seem magical. Hence, creating a photo print has become my preferred method for sharing my work.

Amber Iles: My main medium is digital however, I originally learnt to paint and draw traditionally and this heavily influences the way I work digitally to create prints and artworks that still feel authentic.

Alongside working through my Animation degree, which is mostly digital, I like to explore other mediums such as clay, punch-needle, gouache, crochet, sewing and anything I can get my hands on really. At my core I want to create characters, whether it be a cute clown soap dish, a punch-needle tiger pillow or a fully rendered illustration of a character, I just want to make the characters tangible.