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Windermere View

Windermere View

Farm in the Mist

Farm in the Mist

KJ Matthews Handmade Books

KJ Matthews Handmade Books


We, Kay and Sarah, were introduced as part of a group exhibiting in 2019. We both came to art as a consequence of needing to express our individuality outside of our main roles as full-time carers. Our work shows others that art can give several things: self-worth, independence, and community.

I love to explore and share what I see in the beautiful country in which we live, and to stir memories and emotions from my artwork. It is a true privilege to show what is hidden in plain sight, when time is taken to notice and capture that moment. KM

I turned to art at a time of stress and change in my life and through it found a way of expressing and exploring my passion. I love creating commissioned pieces for customers, aiming to capture the joy of a beloved pet, family member, or a special moment in time. SC


I take photographs everywhere, whether at home, walking in the countryside or even exploring a city. Landscapes are a constant draw to me, as are structures, details, and ever-changing light and shadow. I do not visit locations to take a photograph at certain angle of a certain thing in a certain light, but to capture what happens at that time and place. Experimentation with exposure and colour allows me to relate how I feel at that moment. KM

I am inspired to create art by the natural world around me. Regardless of whether I am creating a picture of an animal or a person, in almost every case my picture starts with the eyes. If there is no life in the eyes, then the picture will never truly connect to the viewer.
Trying to capture that essence of life is a welcome challenge and is what inspires me to create art every day. SC


Using different forms of printing, I impart my photographic images onto different media, bringing them to life. One way I do this is by using reduction linocut printing, which reveals its image through each layer. Stylistic decisions have to be made before each stage and I like using the logical side of my brain to construct the scene, capturing the light, texture and colours. My prints form the covers and basis of my handmade books. KM

For the detail required in commissioned pieces I predominantly use coloured pencils, whereas for non-commissioned work I am drawn to images with strong contrasts. I find grayscale pencils, graphite and charcoal most effective, including when working on a dark background, portraying the highlights rather than the shadows.
Recently, I have taken up watercolours which lend themselves well to a much looser approach and am enjoying choosing the medium that best reflects the subject. SC