Katie Stone Jewellery






Hairy Coo Brooch      (with moooving head)

Hairy Coo Brooch (with moooving head)

Scruff in the Garden Necklace      (with mooving head)

Scruff in the Garden Necklace (with mooving head)

Little Frog Stud Earrings

Little Frog Stud Earrings


My mission is to make jewellery that makes people smile. I like to create jewellery based on animals with hidden secrets that are discovered the more you look/play with it such as opening doors or nodding heads or wagging tails. Jewellery that is personal, maybe based on a pet or favourite animal which can be collected and passed down but initially just to create a happy feeling to the wearer.


My inspiration is always animals and nature. The feeling of love, whether it be family pet, favourite animal or even the love of sitting in the garden and capturing that feeling.


I work mainly with silver with occasional gold detail. I work in a very traditional way using techniques including saw piercing, engraving, soldering and riveting.
I always oxidise my work and brush it back to reveal the detail and texture. This is the final touch to my jewellery which really makes it stand out.