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White, green and ochre pieces montage (Karen Beard Ceramics - see separate email for images of Carter Art))

Tableware and vases montage (Karen Beard Ceramics)

Coffee mugs (Karen Beard Ceramics)


Artists' mission and vision
Karen Beard Ceramics
Making with clay is a truly universal expression of creativity and culture stretching back to the dawn of humankind. It is an inexpensive, humble material used to form the practical stuff that we handle almost every minute of the day! In skilled hands it is also capable of being transformed into objects of astonishing beauty. In striving to create thoughtfully designed and well made pottery I hope I am bringing into the world objects which will last and give pleasure for a lifetime – and beyond!

Carter Art
To create dramatic paper collage images of the vibrant, and sometimes comic, world right outside our windows and also from around the world. To encourage the viewer to look closely, when they will sometimes find surprises within the piece!


Artists' Inspiration
Karen Beard Ceramics
My main influences are mid-twentieth century Modernist design, ancient oriental pottery and African tribal art. I am always interested in, and draw inspiration from, the work of other potters, both historic and contemporary and spend a lot of time studying ceramic art collections, notably the V&A, The British Museum and the very comprehensive collection in Stoke on Trent Art Gallery.

Carter Art
I am inspired by my love of nature and wildlife, from the small to the large. Flora and fauna form the main basis of my art. I have worked in various paint media over the last 30 years, including water colour and acrylics. I recently discovered paper collage and feel as though I have found my artistic home.


Artists' medium
Karen Beard Ceramics
I work with clay making functional or decorative pieces in stoneware and porcelain. As a restless experimenter and explorer of the creative process I love clay because it is a medium that offers infinite possibilities. My pieces are mainly wheelthrown but I sometimes build by hand. Clean lines and strong shapes form the basis of my designs with minimal decoration. Colour through the use of slips and glazes is a very important feature – sometimes bold, sometimes muted – but always I hope interesting.

Carter Art
I use paper collage on board with all pictures available in fine print. I work with torn paper, only using scissors when strong definition of shape is required. I find this form of paper collage gives a softness to each piece of work. I choose my paper pieces carefully to create brush stroke effects, so giving a very painterly quality to my collages.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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