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Gold Vermeil Northern Star Necklace

Gold Vermeil Northern Star Necklace

Recycled Silver Dried Poppy-head Ring

Recycled Silver Dried Poppy-head Ring

Gold Vermeil Twinkle Hoop Earrings

Gold Vermeil Twinkle Hoop Earrings


Each piece is carefully handcrafted by me in my little workshop in Warwickshire.

​I enjoy making classic designs that can be worn whatever the season, and I am inspired by the architecture and art of the places I visit whilst travelling.

Each step of the making process is carefully considered with sustainability and ethics at its core. Any silver/gold offcuts are either melted down and repurposed or recycled with a local supplier. Each item is carefully gift wrapped in recycled tissue paper and posted in an eco-certified box.

I love creating timeless pieces that don't go out of style as this is also a massive part of being eco-conscious. Many of these are inspired by simple shapes in nature or inspired by vintage jewellery.


I find inspiration in various different spaces. More recently I have become infatuated with learning about traditional jewellery designs and giving them a modern-day touch. I love being inspired by places I have travelled to and have become interested in ancient greek jewellery.

One of my other sources of inspiration is nature. I enjoy creating designs influenced by elements of nature - these are usually subtle and personal. This is shown in my most recent dried poppy-head pieces and cobblestone rings.


Most of my work is made from eco-friendly silver and gold. I purchase recycled metals from my supplier who has reclaimed them from vintage jewellery, old watches and discarded medical equipment. I then use these raw materials to make my pieces.

I also use the traditional method of lost wax casting. I make a range of my pieces from wax and then cast these into recycled metals. I particularly love this process as although it's an old technique, it still remains relatively unchanged.