Joan Kennedy Artist


"Colin: the hedgehog

"Colin: the hedgehog



"Best Mates"

"Best Mates"


My mission is to create art that helps us to embrace and rejoice in the beauty of the animal kingdom.

I believe flourish when we connect and explore the beauty of our planet.

My vision is to promote the compassion and kindness within all humanity evoking happiness inspiring imagination and protecting wildlife at all costs.


My inspiration is animals...wildlife and I love to try and capture the spirit of the animal in an abstract way rather than a detailed almost photographic image.

Although a lot of work goes in to each painting, I like to let the viewer leave it to their imagination


My medium of choice is watercolour. However, I do like to use inks as well, and sometimes I may /may not add products to give it texture.

In addition I like to get my art printed onto canvas and create hand embellished limited edition framed prints.